#ICSWInnovate Live Updates

#ICSWInnovate Live Updates

Follow along here for live updates from the Innovation for Change Day 1 Events at ICSW. You can also follow along on Twitter with #ICSWInnovate and #ICSW2017.

Session 1 – Innovation Lab: Campaigning to Protect Civic Space

Event Description: This intensive 3-hour Innovation Lab brings together leading campaigners, human rights, defenders and participants to share their latest strategies, tactics and tools for advocacy and campaigning in closed or closing civic spaces.

The Lab will host two participatory shared-learning sessions. The first covers technical topics including strategic campaign planning using design thinking, non-violent action, digital storytelling, digital security, data visualisation and opportunities for civil society to engage with the sharing economy. The second looks at trends in thematic areas including working with youth, marginalised communities and on environmental, gender and transparency campaigns.

First Day at ICSW with Innovation for Change!

Stacey Cram from Namati discusses the creation of a working definition of advocacy from a legal perspective, some of the key trends in advocacy regarding the key trends with legal advocacy from a global perspective and an introduction of how innovation plays a role in addressing these challenges.

Stacey Cram from Namati presents on legal advocacy.

Speed-Geeking Sessions were held with speakers on the following topics:

  • Legal Innovations – Namati
  • Citizen Journalism for Rapid Response – Counterpart International
  • Strategic Planning for Campaigns – CIVICUS
  • Advocacy for Gender issues in Closed Environments – CIVICUS
  • Data Visualization Tools – Counterpart International
  • Digital Security for Campaigning – Tactical Tech
  • Citizen-Led Petitions for Change – Change.org
  • Social Accountability – Counterpart International
  • Sharing Economy and Civil Society – OuiShare
And “speed geeking” kicks off! Nine facilitators lead brief sessions covering topics like Data visualization tools, #digitalsecurity for campaigning, sharing economy, and citizen journalism for rapid response #ICSW2017 #ICSWinnovate

Key Quotes and Highlights from the Innovation Lab

Stacey Cram, Namati on Legal Innovations – “93% of all legal problems do not enter a court. 4 billion people do not have access to legal aid.”

Derek, Counterpart International on Data Visualisation – “In Iraq we tried to reduce the barrier between the government’s budget and people’s knowledge of it. We helped a local organization visualize data of the governments budget to make it clearer where the government spends its money and to make their presentations more effective.”

“Visualizing data is beyond pictures and graphs now, you can visualize maps, social networks and more”

Kara Andrade, Counterpart International on citizen journalism – “The biggest problem in citizen journalism isn’t technology, its getting people organized.”

“The promise of a democracy is everybody has a voice to be heard and these tools help support that.”

Mouna Ben Garga, CIVICUS on Campaigning for women’s rights in closed spaces – “The international news reported that Saudi women can now drive. That’s fake news. There’s still so many restrictions that hold them back. When campaigning in closing spaces you don’t win a campaign, you hit a milestone and then you find the next one.”

“In closing spaces you’re campaigning against culture, stereotypes and complex social systems.”

Katherine Baird, Change.org on Citizen-Led Petitions for Change – “Within a year, centenarians in India were an issue that no one was talking about to one where 300,000 people had signed an online petition, thousands of women were commenting and sharing their story, and that changed national policy.”

Session 2 – Land Rights in Palestine: Between Settlements & Occupation

Event Description: This session will feature how this issue affected the life of many people in Palestine documented by GVC- Civil Volunteer Group,a non-governmental, secular, and independent organization, founded in Bologna in 1971 and active in international development aid projects with complex action strategies: from humanitarian aid to populations suffering from conflicts and natural disasters to reconstruction, hygiene, and food security; from rural development to education, to the protection of women’s and children’s rights.

#ICSWInnovate second session on land rights in #Israel and #Palestine begins at 2pm on Dec 4 at #ICSW2017


Background on the issue: At the heart of the Israel/Palestine conflict lies the question of land and who rules it. The collision of Jewish nationalist colonisation and Palestinian nationalism, both laying claim to the same territory, forms the basis of this long conflict, deepened by the tragedies of the Holocaust and of the dispossession and occupation of Palestine. The United Nations partition of the land in 1947, an effort to resolve the two claims simultaneously, did not result in a lasting settlement.

Since the war of 1967, Palestinians have come to accept the reality of Israel within the 1948 boundaries. The land dispute has increasingly focused on Israel’s occupation of the remaining territories — the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Since 2002, the Israeli government has been building a “security fence” that winds deep into Palestinian territory, claiming the barrier would keep Palestinian suicide bombers from striking Israeli citizens. But this separation wall is a major de facto annexation of Palestinian territories. By building the wall and increasing settlement expansion, Israel retains control over important Palestinian economic areas, agricultural grounds and natural resources like water.

More information can be found at the following link: http://www.gvc-italia.org/who/profile

Do you feel that the international community is supporting the rights of Palestine?


Breakout sessions connected topics on how the international community, communications efforts, and advocacy can support land rights in the global south by using the Palestinian cause as a case study.

نتحدث الان بشكل موجز عن قطاع غزة والوضع الحالي في القطاع

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