Create a thematic group on Innovationforchange.net!

Create a thematic group on Innovationforchange.net!

Interested in joining or forming a group on innovationforchange.net around a particular topic, region/country, community, or theme? Now you can!

Groups can be closed, for a particular cohort of users on the website, or can be open to the full community. Some examples of existing public groups that you can join today include a Rural Innovation Forum hosted by @adfred, a Citizen Generated Data Forum hosted by @jonathandiab, and a Support Forum hosted by @ifcadmin to answer any of your questions about the website, or the I4C network more largely.

So join a group today, or form your own! See the full groups list at: https://innovationforchange.net/groups/

*Please note, you will need to be a Civil Society user in order to be able to click on this link and access this feature.

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